One Stop Auto Repair Center

About our Repair Shop…

While One Stop Auto began life as a parts supplier, it didn’t take long to see the need for a Repair Shop. We are always asked after selling a part “Do you know someone who can install this for me?” We were also contacted regularly to see if we know of any reputable mechanics in the area. Yes, we do! We moved into our new, larger building in 2012 and have never looked back. This larger facility has allowed us to expand our services dramatically. We now have 7 vehicle hoists, and can service as many as 11 vehicles at one time. This allows us to better serve our customers with lower wait times and better repairs!

What kinds of repairs can you do?

We are happy to say that we are one of the best equipped shops in Lansing, Mi. We pride ourselves on our investments into tools, machines, and supplies. These make it possible for us to fix your vehicle quickly, and correctly. It is surprising how often local shops do not make a repair correctly because they lacked the correct tools. Instead they are forced to do the best that they can with what they have. Fear not! This is not the case with our repair shop. We can preform nearly any repair in-house. Anything from replacing an alternator to completely replacing the engine or transmission in your vehicle!

Are your shops and mechanics certified?

Yes! You should NEVER take your vehicle to a shop or mechanic that is not! All of our mechanics and service writers are ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and State certified! Being certified means that our techs are tested, proven and checked by the State of Michigan and by ASE. Why does that matter? ASE Certified mechanics must have at least two years of experience in a repair shop and must pass several written tests and a competency test. All of this is to ensure that the person working on your vehicle, knows what they are doing!

Do you price-match or beat quotes from other shops?

This is a loaded question that we get asked a lot. The best answer is that we attempt to give every customer the best possible price, in every situation. If you have gotten a quote at another shop, we encourage you to bring it to us and see what we can do! Typically, we are less expensive than other shops due to the resources that we have. By being a parts supplier, we have access to options that a normal repair shop will not. We are able to pass these savings on to our customers! So while we do not promise that our repair shop can match/beat a quote from another shop, we often are able to and will do so whenever possible.

Do you offer inspections?

Yes we do! We offer a great 30 point inspection to our repair shop customers. They find this extremely useful as they are able to see what is wrong with their car, what might need attention soon, and what is in working order. This extensive inspection includes everything from looking at the tires, to testing the antifreeze. It gives our customers a great snap-shot of the condition of their vehicle and allows them to make educated decisions about what work to do now, and what work to do later. Additionally, we offer inspections on vehicles that a customer may be purchasing. Whenever you are buying a used vehicle, there are risks. However, by getting a pre-sale inspection, you can eliminate some of these risks. There is no way a repair shop can catch every possible issue, but at least you can be sure that the vehicle you intend to buy is in great shape before completing the purchase. These types of inspections typical cost around $40-$80 depending on the type of vehicle and the depth of the inspection.

How do I make arrangements to get my vehicle in for repair work?

You have several options for getting your vehicle into our repair shop for work. The best option is simply to call us so that we can schedule an appointment for you to come in. This allows us to be ready for your arrival and can save you time. If your vehicle is disabled, or if you are in a hurry, you are welcome to simply stop into our shop at any time and drop off your vehicle. If it is during business hours, we can assist you inside. However, if it is after hours, we have a drop box where you can leave your keys and information. Once we collect them in the morning, we will call you to make plans for the repair. Don’t forget that we offer free towing and loaner vehicles on many repairs!