Performance & Aftermarket Services

What are “Performance & Aftermarket” services?

This is where it gets fun folks! Welcome to the shop! Performance & Aftermarket services refer to the most fun and interesting parts of cars and trucks. On the smaller end, it can be as simple as putting a hitch on a truck or a window guards on a car. On the larger end it can be anything from nitrous kits to performance exhaust systems. In short, it entails anything above and beyond a normal repair that increases the performance or capability of the vehicle.

What kinds of Performance & Aftermarket upgrades can you do?

We can do pretty much anything!

  • Performance Exhaust Systems
  • Brake Systems – Calipers, Pads, Etc.
  • HALO & LED headlight upgrades
  • Cool air intake systems
  • ECM, PCM, & Transmission Modules
  • Guages
  • Underbody Lights
  • Lowering Kits
  • Custom Body Work – Body Kits, Undercar Lighting, etc.
  • Custom paintjobs – Cars, Motorcycles, Etc.

What is a HALO or LED Headlight?

They are… Cool! HALO headlights are named after the circular appearance. That circular shape is similar to a halo, hence the name. LED refers to the Light-Emitting Diodes that power the lights. We could list a million descriptions here but as they say… A picture is worth a thousand words.

Performance and aftermarket upgrades

What is a performance exhaust system?

A performance exhaust system does two amazing things. First, it unleashes your motor. By increasing the airflow and performance of your engine, it allows you to make more horsepower & torque. Secondly, it gives your vehicle that great sound. There are many manufacturers of aftermarket exhaust systems, the biggest being Magnaflow, Flowmaster, Borla, and Bassani.


performance and aftermarket exhaust systems

What is a cool air intake system?

Engines are warm. Under the hood of a car, enclosed by the hood and fenders, they are VERY warm. Cooler are is more dense and provides the opportunity for more power when delivered to the cylinders. Cool air intakes do two things. They bring additional airflow into the intake of the motor, and they draw it from as cool of a place as they can. This brings as much cool, dense air into the motor as possible. Doing this increases horsepower, torque and performance. Popular cool air intake companies include but are not limited to: K & N filters, Airaid, AEM, BBK, Corsa, Injen, RBP, S&B, Spectre, and Volant. We can sell and install ALL of these at some of the best prices in the world.

performance and aftermarket cool air intake systems

What is a performance & aftermarket braking system?

Much of the focus of performance & aftermarket upgrades is on going faster and producing more horsepower. When you do this, you have to be able to control and stop it. This is where performance & aftermarket braking systems come into play. They allow you to keep your brakes performing at the same level as the rest of your vehicle! We offer numerous brands of performance brakes, the most popular of which is Stoptech.

aftermarket and performance braking systems

Do you do custom paint and body work?

Yes we do, there is far too much to list in this category. It can include anything from custom paint colors, to body kits to lowering/lifting vehicles. It is simply too broad to list everything. So, here is an image of what is currently in our paint booth as of the time of this post. We are custom painting some motorcycle parts for a client. It should give you a good idea of both the quality, and the range that our body shop guys have. They are truly talented. Enjoy!

performance and aftermarket custom paint

What else do you do?

It is simply impossible for us to list all of the various performance and aftermarket options that we provide. Custom work is just that, custom. No two jobs are alike! If you are looking to have something worked on and would like to know if we can help, the best thing to do is call us! We are happy to speak to you about what we can do, and more importantly what we cannot do. If we are uncomfortable in doing something, we will simply tell you. We are very proud of the diverse performance and aftermarket services that we provide.