One Stop Auto Fleet Services

What exactly are “Fleet Services”?

Every vehicle that comes into our shop is important. People rely on their vehicles to go and from work, pick up kids from school, etc. However, if you are a landscaping company with a fleet of trucks that you use to make money, your needs are different that a mom with a minivan. Turnaround time is even more important when you have several employees that can’t work until the repairs are completed. Luckily, we are able to help! By understanding your needs and your fleet, we can prepare in ways that eliminate downtime. These include everything from keeping commonly used parts in stock, proactively repairing parts that frequently go bad and even offering after hours services so we don’t interrupt your work days.

What kind of vehicles does a fleet typically have?

Fleets of vehicles can consist of just about any type of vehicle on the planet. Construction companies typically have fleets of large trucks, such as Silverado’s, F-150’s, or Dodge Ram’s. However, many other fleets have cars like Toyota Camry’s, Chevy Impala’s or Malibu’s, and Ford Focus’s. Also popular are vans because they provide great storage space for businesses on the go. One thing is for sure, the makes and models used in fleets are every bit as diverse as the companies that use them!

Why should I use fleet services for my fleet?

The better question is why shouldn’t you? Fleet services are designed to make your life easier!

  • Better Pricing – Based of the same principal of “buying in bulk” fleet services can help you keep your costs down by allowing you to do all of your work in the same place and receive discounts for that volume!
  • Service – By having a dedicated account manager, you can deal with the same people each time that you visit. Having someone who is familiar with your situation, vehicles and issues can help prevent silly issues and save time and money! Besides, its always great to know who you are dealing with each time you visit!
  • Time – As the old saying goes “Time is Money!” This couldn’t be more true! When one of your vehicles is out of service, it is costing you money. You cannot afford to wait days or weeks to get it back. By using our fleet services, we can expedite your repairs and get you back to work sooner.
  • Parts Availability – Instead of having to wait for a part to be shipped in, we can stop many of the commonly used parts for your fleet. This way when you need a repair, we can simply grab the part off the shelf and begin the work. Once again, this saves you time and money!
  • Fleet Familiarity – We know you and we know your vehicles. We can help with letting you know what issues you can expect down the road based on what is common for your type of vehicle. This can be as simple as wheel bearings, or as intense as timing chains. Doing these types of preventative maintenance can help to avoid larger issues down the road.

Why does One Stop Auto offer Fleet Services?

Most mechanic shops “offer” fleet services. They are happy to have a larger customer and often give them a slight break in pricing. We take this ten steps further. Specialized services, dedicated account managers, faster turn around times… anything that we can do to help a fleet customer, we do! We offer this service because we want to be able to do everything under one roof. Whether you are driving to work, or for work… we’re the shop for you!

Do you provide fleet services for tractor trailers?

Unfortunately, no we do not. We simply are not equipped to provide the level of service that we require to be involved. Semi’s are a very specialized service that requires an almost entirely different set of tools, machines, etc. While we may choose to provide this in the future, it is not something that we offer at this time. It is worth noting that we DO work on some disel engines such as the ones found in many larger pickup trucks.