Used Parts

    After building a great reputation as a new parts supplier (OEM, Aftermarket and Remanufactured) One Stop Auto made the huge decision to open their own salvage yard and begin selling used parts. It was a tough decision because of the size and scope of the project but it has proven to be worthwhile over and over again. The ability to offer used parts at great prices has allowed us to offer our customers a complete picture of their options. Now, no matter what size project or repair, we have a solution to fit their needs!

    Used parts have a bit of a bad reputation in the world. When many people think of a used part, they imagine a grimy shop selling parts that are nearly falling apart. This may have been true in the past but now could not be further from the truth! Salvage yards play an important role in the automotive community and also for the environment. When a vehicle is in an accident, becomes old, is abandoned, has repairs that the owner chooses not to pay for, etc… what is to be done with it? Salvage yards are an option that benefits everyone involved. Vehicles, and more importantly the oil/gas/etc that is in them, is recycled safely at the yard rather than being lost into the environment. The owner is paid for the vehicle so they win. Additionally, the salvage yard dismantles the vehicle and sells the parts. This creates jobs within the community, tax money, etc. Lastly, the customers who buy the used parts get a great value. This is truly an industry where everyone can win!

    What is a “Used” part?

    This is something that most people are quite familiar with but we will cover it here regardless. A used part is exactly what it sounds like, it is a part that has been taken off of a vehicle that has been dismantled. Many cars and trucks are dismantled each year due to damage, age, etc. The parts from these vehicles that are still in good working order, are then sold at low prices for use in repairs. Used parts are installed by home mechanics, repair shops, collision repair centers and even are used by insurance companies in may accident repairs.

    Benefits of Used Parts

    Check  Price. Plain and simple. Used parts are nearly always the least expensive option when it comes to fixing a vehicle. In addition to the part purely being less expensive, in many cases they are less expensive to install as well. When looking at painted parts, for example, a customer can simply order one that matches the color of their vehicle. This means that there is no need to sand, prime, paint, wetsand, clearcoat the part. This alone saves tons of time and money!

    Check  One of the most overlooked qualities of a used part is the fact that it IS an OEM part. OEM parts are widely regarded to have the highest quality, last the longest, etc. A used part is simply an OEM part that has already been road tested. Typically, any given car on the road will have thousands of parts. Of those thousands of parts, very few ever have an issue. The chances of an OEM part going bad are very slim, hence the chances of a used part going bad are very slim. Used parts can offer OEM quality, at the lowest prices around!

    Check  Using used parts in your repairs is a big boost to the environment. Imagine for a moment what could happen to these cars and trucks if salvage yards were not willing to pay people for them. Many would be abandoned in the woods, parking lots, barns, driveways, etc. As these vehicles aged and leaked fluids, they would seep into the environment. Vehicles have any number of materials in them that are hazardous to the environment from Mercury in some of the switches to the gas, oil, transmission fluid, differential fluid and coolant. These are all things that we want to safely dispose of and the best way to do this is by shops that are trained to do so!

    Disadvantages of Used Parts

    X  Used parts typically are of much higher quality than they get credit for. There is a stigma attached to used parts that makes people think that they are inferior in some way. While this is generally not the case, there are a few factors that can hurt the quality of a used part. Used parts are typically stored for an unknown length of time on shelves in a warehouse. This allows them to corrode and collect dust, possibly causing them to not function as well as they could have. Also, most salvage yards do not have the tools to test every part that comes from a vehicle. This means that a part could be bad, and they would have no way of knowing. This defective part could be unknowingly passed along to a customer.

    X  Despite significant advancements in the past few years, some salvage yards do not have the tools to accurately determine the part that you need. Vehicles come with a nearly unlimited combination of options and it can be tricky to find the exact part, for the exact year/make/model/engine/transmission/trim/options/etc that you are looking for. Any mistake could lead you to a part that does not work correctly for your car.

    X  OEM parts can be of great quality, but if that OEM part was broke at some time and replaced with a low quality replacement part, a salvage yard would likely never know. This means that the low quality part could be passed unknowingly to a customer. OEM parts are designed to last for a long time, work well and hold up against abuse but many aftermarket parts are not. Purchasing a used part always has a risk of involving an unknown manufacturer if the part was replaced prior to being sent to the junkyard.

    We can cross reference any vehicle against our used part inventory. Call us today!