OEM Parts

    Our company was first started by selling OEM parts. Our owner first sold them to local body shops, then expanded to become a parts supplier. Over the past 11 years, we have expanded our OEM lines to include every make and model available. We are able to offer some of the best pricing in the country on any part whether it is a domestic part (like a Ford or Chevrolet) or a foreign part (like a Honda or Suzuki) or even a higher end part (like a BMW or Lexus), we can get it for you at a great price!

    What is an “OEM” part?

    An “OEM” part is a part that is manufactured by the vehicle manufacturer. For example, an OEM part for a Ford Focus would be made by Ford Motor Company. These parts are the exact same parts that are used on the assembly line, but sold individually to customers. OEM parts compare very favorably to many other types of parts!

    Benefits of OEM Parts

    Check  Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) – These are replacement parts made by the manufacturer as you would get from a dealership. They are made exactly for your vehicle by the same people who manufactured your vehicle. These are often considered the highest quality part available.

    Check  When searching for the correct part for your vehicle, you can be much more precise with an OEM part. The dealerships and parts suppliers can use your vehicle’s VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to determine the correct part. The VIN number acts like a social security number for your car and can tell everything from what year it is, to the color, options, etc. This means that we can determine what the EXACT correct part is and get it for you. No mistakes!

    Check  OEM parts come with a warranty direct from the manufacturer. While many other types of parts will include a warranty, they can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Additionally, OEM parts can be warrantied through any authorized dealer. This means that if you purchase a part in Lansing, Mi and then move away to another state, you can still take that part to any dealership and have it replaced. While this may not seem like a huge deal now, it could down the road! Most OEM parts now come with AT LEAST a 1 year warranty. Many come with warranties that are considerably longer than that!

    Check  When you have been in a collision and are purchasing replacement parts, OEM can offer huge advantages. They are the exact same parts as what you will be removing from your vehicle and the fitment will be as close as possible. As any body shop will tell you, fitment means everything in collision repair. The bigger the difference between the OEM part that is on your car and the part that you are replacing it with, the more time that you have to spend making adjustments. This time tends to add up and become very expensive! If you go with an OEM part for your repair, you get a great fitment, on the first try! No games, No hassles, just a great part. Plus, if you order it from us… you will get it for a great price!

    Disadvantages of OEM Parts

    X  OEM parts typically cost more upfront than other types of parts. This is, by far, the greatest strike against them. If you simply look at the cost of an actual part, the OEM parts will pretty much ALWAYS end up costing more. The reason for this is that they are simply a better part. Generally, money and time can be made up by using OEM parts because of the higher quality, lesser time that it takes to install them, and the low defect rate. Basically, you’ll pay more for the part because its worth it!

    X  OEM parts are readily available, but not as readily available as some aftermarket parts are. OEM parts are limited to dealerships and authorized distributors. This is done on purpose by the manufacturers so that they can control the quality, pricing, etc. in order to offer a better experience to both their partners and customers. This means that if you do not live a dealership or distributor, you may not have as easy of access to these parts as you could. Do not fear! One Stop Auto has fantastic shipping rates so that you can get these parts, even if they are not available locally!

    X  While typically OEM parts have higher quality (hence the higher price) this is not ALWAYS the case. There are some situations where aftermarket parts companies have fixed a known weak point in the part, or even improved upon it in some other way. While this is somewhat rare, it has been known to happen and would cause the OEM part to not be as valuable as it would be in other situations. It is worth noting that the manufacturers do improve their parts as well. It is common for parts to be “superceded” by a new part that is of higher quality and performance.

    All we ask is that you give us the opportunity to earn your business. If you are looking for OEM parts (or any other kind of part for that matter) just give us a call and see what we can do for you! This could mean better parts pricing, faster delivery times, better shipping prices, help with fitment issues, and we even do installations if you need it!

    *Some additional costs could apply!