Aftermarket Parts

    After selling OEM parts for a short time, it was only natural for us to branch out into Aftermarket Parts. Aftermarket parts make up a very large portion of parts sales and no reputable parts supplier could be in business without them. Most big box stores sell these types of parts because the quality is good, prices are great and the availability is very hard to beat! Most customers lean towards aftermarket parts when fixing their own cars. We Provide a wide variety of parts for nearly all vehicle makes and models on the road. Aftermarket parts can be the wild wild west of the parts world. They can be of extremely high quality, sometimes even meeting or exceeding the OEM parts. However, there are some that are of terrible quality that do not last long and provide more headaches than help to a customer. This is why it is important to deal with a reputable, knowledgeable company like One Stop Auto. We are able to guide you into parts options that best fit your needs and help you avoid parts that would cause you grief.

    What is an “Aftermarket” part?

    An “Aftermarket” part is a new part that is made by someone besides the manufacturer and typically refers to a direct-replacement or non-performance parts. When your brake caliper breaks and you walk into your local parts retailer and purchase a new one, this is typically an aftermarket part. Common aftermarket parts brands include but are not limited to Bosch, Duralast, Denso, Dorman, and Eastern. There are literally thousands of manufacturers in the world of aftermarket parts.

    Benefits of Aftermarket Parts

    Check  The major benefit for aftermarket parts is that they are a comparable part for noticeably less money. According to the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) aftermarket parts can cost around 60% less than the same OEM part. Needless to say, this is significant savings. While OEM parts have their place and benefits, it is sometimes hard to justify that additional cost. This is especially true of older, higher mileage, and damaged vehicles.

    Check  The biggest knock against aftermarket parts has been that the quality was not equal to that of the OEM parts. For years, this was very true and in some instances, still is true. However, many manufacturers have fixed these issues and not produce parts that are nearly equal to, equal to, or even sometimes exceed the quality of the OEM parts. They are able to fix issues that an OEM part might have, and produce a better part at a lower price. If you could get a better part for a lower price, wouldn’t you choose that option for your own vehicle? We sure would!

    Check  Aftermarket parts can be made by any number of companies throughout the world. This means that customers can have a nearly endless supply of options when choosing a part for their vehicle. Some companies even offer several versions of a part within their own lines! An easy example of this is brake pads. A company may offer a product that is great for daily driving, racing, towing, cold weather, warm weather, off road, etc. This gives a customer a great selection of parts to choose from, but also can be very confusing if they are not familiar with what options may work best for their situation. This is where dealing with a company like One Stop Auto helps because we can guide you to a selection that is best for your particular situation.

    Check  Another great point about aftermarket parts is that they are readily available. When you have hundreds or even thousands of companies making the same part for the same vehicles, it allows you to have many options to choose from. If a manufacturer is out of stock, you can simply choose another one! That is often not the case with OEM, Used and Remanufactured parts because they are only available from a limited number of suppliers. When your vehicle is broken, the last thing you want to do is have to wait to get it back on the road!

    Disadvantages of Aftermarket Parts

    X  We spoke earlier about the fact that aftermarket parts can sometimes exceed the quality of the OEM parts. This is true. However, the opposite is also true. Aftermarket parts can sometimes be of very low quality. Any company in the world could manufacturer aftermarket parts if they chose to, and this means that there can be a great amount of variation in the quality. If a customer is not familiar with the various different lines, they could purchase a part that they are not satisfied with. In that situation, no one wins.

    X  We also spoke about how having multiple companies with the same part offering can benefit the customer by offering them various options to fit their needs. This is great for parts suppliers and customers who know what they want. However, if you are someone to is unsure of which part to get… it is easy to be buried in a sea of options. If you were to order racing brake pads for your daily driving vehicle, you could have issues stopping at slower speeds and even put yourself and the other drivers around you in danger. Once again, this is a situation where no one wins and should be avoided. Luckily, we can assist you in avoiding these pitfalls of aftermarket parts!

    X  Aftermarket parts sometimes do not come with a very good warranty and in some circumstance come with no warranty at all! Additionally, the rule vary widely from manufacturer to manufacturer. Some require you to send the defect part back to them in the mail, others require you to return it where you bought it. Some will not replace that has been installed, some will, etc. It can be very easy to get stuck footing the bill for a defective part if you are not careful when you order it! The safest thing that you can do is contact a trusted parts retailer like One Stop Auto and let them assist you in getting a great aftermarket part for a great price. Better safe than sorry!

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